About us

Specialist manufacturers of filters for all industries
Air & Liquid Filtration Limited (ALF) have been manufacturing filters for over 50 years. Based in the West Midlands, we have established an enviable reputation for manufacturing bespoke filters to a wide customer base both at home and abroad.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service for all customers representing a wide range of industries:-

  • Air, dust, industrial gases & medical
  • Fuel, oil, transmission, & laboratory
  • Lubricants, paint, ink & chemicals
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, petrochemical & flow control
  • Environmental, gas, water, telecommunications, coalescent & waste management
  • Automotive, aerospace & racing engines
  • Pharmaceutical, food, beverages, agricultural & refrigeration
  • Nuclear, defence & marine

Our Range includes:-

  • Filter cylinders and cones, sieves and strainers
  • Basket and filter fabrications, speciality filters and assemblies, air filter panels
  • ‘Y’ Strainers and inline filters
  • Wire and perforated products