Air & Liquid Filtration Limited (ALF) have been manufacturing and designing a wide range of specialist filters to all industries suitable for a variety of applications for over 50 years here in the West Midlands.


Our aim is to provide the best possible service in bespoke filter manufacture and filter design. Our filter manufacturing flexibility enables us to produce filtration requirements in any size, shape or design including cylinder filters, cone filters, basket filters, sieves, strainers, screen filters, ‘Y’ strainer filter elements, inline filters or any other type of industrial filters

We can manufacture filters and other associated filter products in an unlimited range of materials in any combination including wire mesh filters, wire gauze filters, perforated plate filters and other filter media.


Whether you are looking for stainless steel filters, mild steel filters, non ferrous filters to include brass filters, copper filters, aluminium filters, bronze filters, other metallic filters, pleated filters, convoluted filters. Whatever your filter requirements ALF can help…any industry with a filter requirement, any filtering application, in any configuration or material.


Where possible Air & Liquid Filtration will endeavour to utilise existing designs and stock equipment enabling us to offer favourable prices and lead times. We also offer a swift filter repair service.